Company Profile

Located Manëz, Albania, at the intersection of the main road axis of the country: Tirana and Durres, Kurti Unibllok has facilities in concrete timely supply, serving clients in all destinations. Appropriate position as well as proper investment in new tools make it possible to produce the right quality concrete products as well as fast and secure transportation anywhere in the country. Everything you need to decorate your yard is found at Kurti Unibllok. We offer a wide range of choices for building materials suitable for your home, business, and environment. Kurti Unibllok company with its products follows reliability, quality, dedication, competitive prices and guaranteed concrete products. Our entire production system is a result of the integration of longtime experience, professional staff, modern technology equipment updated every day, the infrastructure and logistics it possesses and offers.

Kurti Unibllok company offers you a wide range of concrete blocks for facades and numerous choice of colors as desired. Squares, parks, roads, houses, masonry, sidewalks and much more: Kurti Unibllok is your choice. Our company has a daily production capacity of 1200 m2.

KURTI UNIBLLOK has been created as a result of 17 years of successful work experience in Italy. It is today the leading company in the concrete brick manufacturing industry in Albania.

KURTI UNIBLLOK has extended its cooperation with both domestic and foreign clients. And the successful continuation of our company lies precisely in positive feedback and customer satisfaction.

The greatest value of concrete use and its forms is attributed to the likelihood that this material will be able to obtain the most suitable forms. Realization of buildings and working areas with blocks engraved over the years has now turned into a market trend.

The use of engraved blocks offers a unique, personalized, customer-tailored construction, following the safety of using a consolidated and durable technology. Industrial, administrative, public and also industrial and residential buildings with embossed blocks are the best choice to meet the imagination and customer requirements as well for residential and work environments applications.

Company's Goals

At “KURTI UNIBLLOK Sh.p.k” we are committed to creating value for our employess and customers through strengthening our core values, applying ethical business practices, having open and continuous communication with all stakeholders, and resolving their issues timely and in a proper way.

In our company there is an Annual Action Plan designed to implement all the projects, actions and activities that fall into the four pillars of our long-term business strategy, which are as follows:

  • Engagement of interested parties
  • A healthy and safe work environment for our employees
  • Reduction of Environmental Impact
  • Sustainable Development Promotion

Success and reputation of “KURTI UNIBLLOK Sh.p.k.” is based on the application of the best available technologies, production procedures and distribution methods, systematic research and improved knowledge, as well as high-quality human resources.

Our company’s leading objective is to develop as a worthwhile producer of concrete blocks, manholes, bushes and slabs, combining the spirit of entrepreneurship and operational excellence in respecting people, society and the environment. Achieving this objective requires a predetermined set of values that guide our daily activity and reflect our commitment to the stakeholders.

Our Vision

Quality, versatility, reliability and above all honesty, are our principles and motto that we are keen on, so that our customers are satisfied with the good feedback that comes from the implementation of our principles.

Our Mission

Our goal and mission is for our products to be everywhere not only in Europe but even beyond. Every mission we have put into our intentions has come to fruition; where we can mention here the fact that we never made any differentiation in our clientele but we have served each other with dedication and respect.

Health and Safety Policy at Work

Our main objectives for prevention of occupational accidents and health protection of our employees are as follows:

  • Regarding health and safety issues at work, in accordance with all domestic and national laws, regulations and standards, and acting in that way,
  • Evaluation of all risks related to occupational diseases and health and safety issues at work and taking protective measures,
  • With the participation of all our employees, the elimination of threats in their resources and the adoption of the principle of zero employment-industrial accident
  • To achieve success and continuous development, ensuring that our employees receive all kinds of training related to health and safety at work and their development continually.

Occupational health and safety practices are the responsibility of all employees and we have implemented a “Risk Assessment Matrix for performing work activities”.

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