Kurti Unibllok

KURTI UNIBLLOK has been created from 17 years of successful work experience in Italy. It is today the leading company in the concrete brick manufacturing industry in Albania.

KURTI UNIBLLOK has expanded its cooperation with both domestic and foreign clients. And our company’s continued success lies precisely in positive feedback and customer satisfaction.

The greatest value of concrete uses and its forms is attributed to the likelihood that this material will have the right shape. The realization of buildings and working spaces with carved blocks over the years has now turned into a market trend.

The use of sculpted blocks offers an original, customized, customized, customer-designed design, tracking the safety of using a consoled and durable technology. Industrial, administrative, public but industrial and residential buildings with embedded blocks are a choice to meet the imagination and customer requirements and living and working environments. 



ISO 9001:2015

KURTI UNIBLLOK guarantees the standard of products certified by the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001: 2015.


Resistance Statement

With tests carried out KURTI UNIBLLOK shows that the concrete products on the market have successfully passed resistance and quality testing.


“15” Years Warranty

KURTI UNIBLLOK offers “15 years” of warranty for all concrete products it trades.

Bricks & Concrete Blocks

Kurti Unibllok offers you a wide range of concrete block for lisho facades and multiple choice sub-options as desired. Squares, parks, roads, houses, masonry, sidewalks and much more: Kurti Unibllok is your choice. The company has a daily production capacity of 1200 m2.

Kurti Unibllok is your ideal partner solution because it offers you a wide range of choices of construction materials that are tailored to your home, business, and environment choices.